The Last Human

– Coming Soon in 2020 –

Earth is lost.

Like the human colony on Mars and Lunar City, it was destroyed by an alien race called the Rhians. Aggressors in a war against humankind, the Rhians are stronger, more advanced, and more brutal than any other known species.

The conflict is over; only one human remains. 

Felix stares across a distant planet, orbiting on a space station as his last refuge. What will become of him? A prisoner? An exhibit at a zoo? 

Hatching a plan to escape, he chooses freedom. After all, it rests with him to keep his kind from extinction. 

Protected by a formidable commander, pursued by a resourceful intelligence officer, Felix must navigate strange worlds and high political stakes to find his way. 

The Last Human is a fast-paced journey across new galaxies and civilisations, in a race to uncover the truth and perhaps, even hope.