About Me

In a few words; Beard enthusiast, pizza lover, domestic cat tamer, gluttonous media consumer, intrepid procrastinator, occasional writer.

More on that last part, I’m a writer with a particular interest in the fantasy and science fiction genres. 

My first novel, The Last Human, is a science fantasy book. I’m aiming more for Trekkies and Star Wars fans than hard sci-fi folk. They’re welcome, of course, anyone is. 

My second work is A Town Called Noir, a hybrid of old school crime thrillers and fantasy novels. I wanted to try something different, and as writing is a hobby rather than a job for me, it seemed like the perfect time to experiment.  

I also write some blogs on here based around the things I like: food, travel, food, technology, video games and food.

Is there anything left to know? Not really…  

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